May 4, 2011

Iraqi TV Commentators Trade Blows While Discussing Saddam Hussein

By David Paulin

In Iraq, two television commentators on a show called "The Democratic Club" recently came to blows when their discussion turned to Saddam Hussein's legacy.

"I will chop off your tongue if you talk about Saddam!" shouted one.

"Eat Shit! I will talk about Saddam!" shouted the other.

That's when the two jumped out of their chairs, exchanged blows, and began grappling. They stumbled out of camera range -- but their political discussion continued.

"Come here, you son of a bitch!" shouted one.

"You dog, you low life!" shouted the other.

"You're sister is a whore!" one said at another point.

Iraq is a much better place today than it was under Saddam Hussein, even if things there can, well, get a bit raucous. Iraq's government also is far more in line with America's interests than it had been. Even so, perhaps the Obama administration ought to reconsider plans to disengage from the country. You can see the whole segment of "The Democratic Club" here:

Hat Tip: Robert J. Avrech at Seraphic Secret.

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