May 31, 2010

Jamaica's violence part of American plot to kill black people!

The Rev. Mervin Stoddart, a Jamaica-born racial agitator living in Florida, runs off at the mouth in yet another of his anti-American newspaper columns -- one that certainly won't resonate among the overwhelming majority of all those 'salt of the earth' middle-class Jamaicans that I know. Have any U.S. officials ever thought to look at Stoddart's immigration status to see if he can be deported back to Jamaica?

By David Paulin

What was the real cause of Jamaica's recent violence -- the firebombing of police stations by drug thugs and pitched battles with security forces attempting to serve a U.S. extradition warrant on alleged drug lord Christopher "Dudus" Coke?

It was all part of an American-hatched plot to kill black people!

That's according to a newspaper columnist writing in the Jamaica Observer, a popular left-leaning daily paper in Kingston, the capital. Jamaica-born columnist Mervin Stoddart, a Florida resident, claims that Dudus "is a fall guy and the media hype surrounding his story is a smokescreen."

The self-described minister explains:

Numerous forces inimical to Jamaica show up in the Dudus saga. Conscious Jamaicans must consider the New World Order implications. Perhaps U.S. destabilization of Jamaica seems like child's play to Washington because Jamaicans worship President Barack Obama. Blessed Jamaica is perennially envied by "brute beast" (2 Peter 2:12) Euro-Americans, who recently got whipped in international sports by Jamaicans. Chaos created in Jamaica and other countries by evil globalists offers distraction from their own problems. There are dangerous insurgencies raging in the US, especially in the Tea Party Movement, with signs of impending civil war.

For some 6000 years, earth's evil Caucasians have been decimating people of color. Their drug war, terror war and killings of Iraqis, Afghans, and practically all predominantly black nationals on earth are key pieces of their population reduction plan, as exposed by Jim Marrs in The Fourth Reich. Their endgame is in place whereby globalists are ready to decimate their own race to get rid of people who do not share their racist, globalist, satanic views. Some people, like Jamaicans, reject this evil globalism because it offends their faith in God, but many branches of Christianity are leaders in this march to the white supremacist one-world government. Jamaicans must use the spirit of discernment to identify those churches that are Satan's servants, especially churches headquartered in Euro-America.

He concludes:

Every Jamaican at home and abroad must analyze the Dudus tragedy and work for deliverance, but no one should excuse the real enemies of Jamaica.

The Jamaica Observer, incidentally, is owned by Gordon "Butch Stewart (click here for photo) who owns the all-inclusive Sandals and Beaches resorts that are popular among well-to-do white Americans. Most Jamaicans are of African heritage, but Stewart is one of a handful of Jamaicans who is known to his countrymen as a "white Jamaican."

On occasion, the politically well-connected businessman hosts prominent Democrats from the U.S., including New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. The wacky major spent what one newspaper called a "little post-Katrina rest and relaxation" at Stewart's villa in Negril. There was no word in that article as to whether Stewart's columnist, Mervin Stoddart, joined in the fun.

(Main body of this article was originally published at the American Thinker blog.)

For more on anti-Americanism in Jamaica's among its leftist elites, see my piece in the Washington Times, "Answering Anti-Americanism."

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