July 16, 2009

How Obama is good for business

By David Paulin

Who says the Obama administration is not good for business? This article refutes that claim: "
States awash in stimulus money to weatherize homes." And no doubt about it: weatherizing homes would be a good racket to get into right now -- especially with concerns rife that the program will "stimulate" lots of waste and fraud.

How does one get started in the "weatherizing" business?

In ultra-liberal "sanctuary cities" like Austin, Texas, you could go to one of those city-run "
day labor" sites, and pick up some illegal immigrants to do the work. To transport them around town, you could trade in your gas-guzzling SUV and get a $4,500 tax credit. And besides weatherizing homes, you might check out projects that the city offers to businesses that are "certified (as) Minority or Women-Owned Business Enterprise." (Those are businesses that are "51-percent owned by "minorities".) If your "minority-owned" business is short of cash, the details on how to get startup funds are laid out right here: "Minority Business Grants - How to Get Free Government Money You Never Pay Back."

Of course, the one pitfall of such business opportunities is that you'll need to make sure you're company is not too successful -- or you'll be taxed to death to support a slew of "green" initiatives. Not to mention "social programs" for the nation's growing ranks of the unemployed. The Obama administration giveth -- and it taketh away. But business people who know how to play the game are sure to win.

As the old saw goes: "It's an ill wind that blows no good."

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American Thinker blog.

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